Sunday, February 16
>>> The dissident news-commentary Website, Yellow Times, was suddenly shut down by its hosting service during the first week of February 2003.

The host claimed that Yellow Times was using up too many resources, yet when YT offered to pay for more service, the host refused. Making the claim even more ridiculous is the fact that YT is 100% text. No streaming audio or video, not even any jpegs. To say that an all-text site is using up too much bandwidth and other resources is nutty. It is almost certainly yet another (temporary) casualty of the War on Dissent.

The people of YT are moving quickly to get their site back online. In the meantime, they've asked that The Memory Hole publish this important new article regarding the latest alleged tape from Osama bin Laden and the media's suspect reporting on it.

Misleading the PublicBy Firas Al-Atraqchi, Columnist (Canada)

On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell dropped a bombshell at a Congressional hearing on Iraq and revealed that he had a transcript of an "upcoming" audio message from Osama bin Laden that betrays the links between bin Laden and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

However, the White House may have put its foot in its mouth this time around.

Upon careful scrutiny of the audio message from bin Laden (and broadcast at 3pm EST on the Arabic News Network Al-Jazeerah), it appears the Bush administration may have been so desperate to pin anything on Saddam and bin Laden that they did not wait to actually hear the contents of the message, nor provide adequate and reliable translation. [...]
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