Monday, February 10
A million to say no to Blair on Iraq
Torcuil Crichton, Stephen Naysmith and James Cusick in London, Sunday Herald, February 9, 2003

Anti-war demo will be UK's largest ever protest

TONY Blair will face the largest political demonstrations in British history with an expected turnout of 750,000 on Saturday, potentially the eve of a declaration of war on Iraq.
With the United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan warning yesterday that US unilateral action is not acceptable, organisers of anti-war rallies in London and Glasgow maintained the massive marches could 'finish Blair as a political force'.

Downing Street, however, is still confident that a second UN resolution on Iraq will be delivered and public opinion will eventually swing behind the government.

'Even the police, who are notoriously conservative, admit that this will be the largest gathering of people in London since VE Day in 1945,' said Andrew Burgen, of the Stop The War Coalition..[...]
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