Monday, February 3
Pakistanis In US Start Seeking Asylum In Canada, February 3, 2003

ISLAMABAD,(PNS) - Since the inception of registration process of nationals of several countries including Pakistanis in USA, a large number of Pakistanis have started shifting to Canada to seek asylum.

The Canadian newspaper warned the number of immigrants could increase manifold by the end of this month when last date for the registration with INS will end, reported VOA.

There are speculations in Canada that after the US announcement that immigrants belong to some specific countries should compulsorily get them registered with INS, a large number of Pakistanis will be shifted to Canada in the end of this month.

The North American and Pakistani newspapers have already reported that hundreds of Pakistanis have crossed the US borders and reached Canada. .... (more)

A racist rant too far? Police investigate Taki the playboy pundit
By Sholto Byrnes, The Independent,, February 1, 2003

Taki and The Spectator, for which he writes the "High Life" column, are being investigated by Scotland Yard over an article he wrote in the magazine's 11 January edition

Even by Taki's standards the piece was extraordinarily offensive. Under the headline "Thoughts on Thuggery" he wrote: "Oh boy, was Enoch – God rest his soul – ever right! Now there's a man who was tough on the causes of crime long before the crime had been Blaired." ....

.... Such casual racism is the stock-in-trade of Taki, who is known mainly by his first name. In 1997 he described Puerto Ricans in New York as "a bunch of semi-savages ... fat, squat, ugly, dusky, dirty." In 2001 he called himself a "soi-disant anti-Semite" and has also referred to Kenya as "bongo-bongo land".

Repulsive though such comments are, they are what pass for humour in the Eurotrash plutocratic circles in which Taki mixes. His world skis at Gstaad, goes to the Ascot races – a crowd of "society" figures who are slowly departing for the great gambling tables of the hereafter.

Married to Princess Alexandra Schoenburg, Taki inherited a fortune from his father John and divides his time between a $5m house in New York's Upper East Side and Gstaad, where he recently crashed his car.

.... His strict treatment at the hands of the local police is what prompted his musings on crime problems in Britain.

His friends and acquaintances are the characters that fill his friend Nigel Dempster's pages. The Daily Mail gossip columnist refers to Taki as the "Greek sportsman", a description he has earned through his past participation in the Davis Cup and captaining of the Greek karate team.

He was close to Gianni Agnelli. His friendship with the Fiat magnate lasted 45 years until his recent death. "K", the Aga Khan, was a friend and he boasts an on-off friendship with Mohamed al-Fayed, English aristocrats, obscure European royalty and any pretty girl who chances across his path.

He is famously libidinous and is happy to call himself a "playboy".

His interest in right-wing politics comes from his father, and he is proud of the fact that not much thought has gone into his views. "Why make up your own mind when someone else can make up your mind for you?" he has asked.

Along with the Duke of Devonshire and the Earl of Portsmouth he was one of the backers of Neil Hamilton's failed libel bid against Mr Fayed, although he was not best pleased when he later found himself being pursued for Mr Fayed's costs.

Taki is happy to admit, as readers of his Spectator column know, to taking a line so right-wing it borders on the fascist. When building a new house he declared that he would name it "Palazzo Pinochet", after the Chilean dictator. General Franco is another of his heroes .... (more)

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