Wednesday, February 5
Perpetual War for Perpetual WarJames Ostrowski, Strike The Root

War is a good thing. Wars solve problems. Wars improve society. This is what we are taught and told to believe. The Civil War, World War I, World War II. These were the good wars and the Presidents who fought them, and finagled to fight them in the first place, are the great ones. Those who think that wars are not a good thing and should not be fought except after the most extreme provocations and under the most extreme moral strictures, are considered to be crazy, nuts, oddballs, crackpots, cowards, and traitors. That’s the background for a bemused look at the phony war in Iraq and the phonies’ non-war in Korea . [...]

More force is always the answer. (What’s the question?) So the U. S. will go to war again over Iraq (maybe). It’s because Saddam has weapons of mass destruction and may want to use them. That’s the official reason. The actual reasons are oil, Israel and imperialism. How does little old me know this? [...]

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