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LINK to full article--Saddam's bodyguard reveals secret arsenal
by Gordon Thomas – GLOBE-INTEL, January 27, 2003


[Comment on article from is a fantastic report with many revealing statements. However, it is at this point that this "report" loses any and all credibility:]

"Israeli intelligence sources have hinted that part of the deal with Mahmoud was to smuggle out his family from Iraq. Mossad have done this before. At the start of Saddam's reign of terror they persuaded an Iraqi pilot to fly his Russian (?) Mirage to Israel - after Mossad had spirited his wife and children there."

Comments from
To: Riley

Yeah, I noticed the "Russian Mirage", too. Considering that Iraq has or had both French and Soviet warplanes, the mistake seems honest enough.

24 posted on 01/28/2003 10:46 AM PST by Charles Martel

To: ex-Texan

The weapons include motorised underwater mines capable of creeping along the sea bed and then surfacing beneath a battleship or carrier.

Each mine is filled with chemicals that upon explosion can envelop the ship in a deadly cloud of poison.

The documents show that the mines and other weapons of mass destruction have been secretly developed at sites the UN inspectors have also not visited.

These are:

Al-Qaqa's State Establishment. Sixty miles south of Baghdad, it has produced what the documents describe as "self-detonating precise guided missiles".


I don't believe a word of this crap. Iraq may have chemical and biological weapons, but they don't have a delivery system any more complicated than an aerosol can, much less an automated submarine that is going to creep up under an aircraft carrier and "envelop the ship in a deadly cloud of poison."

15 posted on 01/28/2003 10:37 AM PST by Freeper 007
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From, we have another comment on this article from an Israeli reader:
From Nadir Martello

Hi Jeff,

I would like to make a comment to this story, 'Saddam's Bodyguard Reveals Secret Arsenal.' It is a very good story, but too good to be true.

Who is this Gordon Thomas any way? Does he work for the Mossad himself, or what? Who is going to believe this report? The fact that George Bush wants a war with Iraq, whether it possesses weapons of mass-destruction or not, is totally irrelevant; Bush will have his way - sorry, Israeli-Mossad's way.

Nadir Martello

This Guardian LINK has photographs of the Iraqi 'Inner Circle',

Saddam Hussein's inner circle
Guardian Unlimited, Gallery, September 18, 2003

President's younger son, 36. Heir apparent and a trusted confidant. He has wide-ranging powers over Iraq's military apparatus, including the Republican Guard, intelligence and internal security.

Abed Hamid Mahmoud
Saddam Hussein's personal secretary, who comes from his home town, Tikrit

Ali Hassan al-Majid
The president's cousin is known as 'chemical Ali' for his involvement in atrocities against the Kurds.A leading participant in the 1996 family massacre after President Saddam's son-in-law, Hussein Kamil, defected to Jordan, betrayed Iraq's weapons secrets, and then returned to Baghdad.

Ezzat Ibrahim
Deputy chairman of the revolutionary command council, close to Saddam Hussein

Tariq AzizDeputy prime minister, has survived as an adviser for more than 20 years. Mr Aziz was born to a Christian family in 1936. Some attribute his survival to hsi lack of a power base in Iraq, which means he presents no threat to President Saddam.

Taha Yassin RamadanHawkish vice-president, one of Saddam Hussein's key foreign policy advisers

Naji Sabri
Foreign minister and a key member of President Saddam's inner circle

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