Wednesday, February 26
Unlikely Activist Takes His Place as Human Shield
At 68, Godfrey Meynell left the comforts of Britain for a cot in a Baghdad power plant to try to avert an attack by his country and the U.S.
by John Daniszewski, Los Angeles Times, February 25, 2003

BAGHDAD -- He is white-haired and slightly bowlegged, but with crystalline blue eyes and a ruddy face that bears the glowing look of a man who feels that -- in the autumn of his life -- he is exactly where he ought to be.

Godfrey Meynell, M.B.E., former British colonial officer in Aden, former high sheriff of Derby, former Home Office civil servant, former independent Green candidate for parliament, a self-described loyalist to church and queen, is spending his days and nights on a cot at the previously bombed South Baghdad Power Plant.

He is a part of the burgeoning movement of "human shields," people who hope their presence will help prevent what they see as an unjust and unnecessary war against Iraq. [...]
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