Thursday, February 20
Win Without War, February 19, 2003

Online Campaign Headquarters” Unveiled
Win Without War Announces the Virtual March on Washington on February 26th
Celebrities and Coalition Leaders Call on Opponents of Iraq War to Overwhelm the White House and U.S. Senate By Phoning, Faxing and E-mailing
New TV Ad Featuring Martin Sheen Calls on Public to Participate

WASHINGTON / HOLLYWOOD - February 19 - “Last weekend we marched in the streets, next week we’re taking it to the suites of official Washington,” said former Congressman Tom Andrews, National Director of Win Without War.
“Political leaders need to know we are serious, we are organized and we are growing in strength,” he said. “On February 26th, we will let our fingers do the marching and demand that our voices be heard.”

Martin Sheen, who plays President Jeb Bartlet on the NBC hit series, The West Wing, is featured in a Win Without War TV ad released at the news conference. He called on Americans from every state to participate in the Virtual March on Washington: “Our message to Washington will be clear – "Don’t invade Iraq! We can contain Saddam Hussein without killing innocent people, diverting us from the war on terrorism and putting us all at risk.”

“Our leaders in Washington are out of step with millions of Americans,” said Janeane Garofalo at the LA news conference. “This is clearly a time when we must join together and lead Washington back to its senses,” she said. “The Virtual March on Washington is an opportunity to do just that.”

“The National Council of Churches is calling February 26th ‘A Day of Prayer and Faxing,’ ” said Rev. Brenda Girton-Mitchell, Director of the Washington DC office of the National Council of Churches “We are urging all of our member denominations and congregations to join the march. They can do so without even leaving their homes”, she said.

Organizers of the Virtual March on Washington hope to overwhelm the White House and every member of the US Senate with calls, faxes and e-mails on February 26th. [...]
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