Thursday, March 27
Black Americans sceptical about war
Kevin Anderson, BBC News Online, March 27, 2003

Atlanta: ... There is a divide between black and white Americans on the war in Iraq.

A New York Times poll found that 82% of whites said the US should take military action to force Saddam Hussein from power, but only 44% of blacks approved of the use of force.

And young black Americans are particularly sceptical.

'Stolen election'

"People are dying unnecessarily. We don't know what we are going to war for," said Iyante Miller as she waited to get into the club.

"First it's Bin Laden, then to Saddam Hussein. It's crazy," she said. She doubts the link between al Qaeda and the Iraqi regime.

"We're just going on what Bush is saying," she said, and that is not enough to convince her of the need for war.

She, like many black Americans, mistrusts President Bush. They still believe that he stole the election. [..]
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