Monday, March 3
British media in love with Tendulkar
NDTV.comMarch 2, 2003

(London):India's stupendous victory in the World Cup match against Pakistan provided just the excuse British media wanted to once again sing paens on the "sweet" and "wondrous" Sachin Tendulkar and conclude that his 98-run knock had once and for all sealed the debate on whether he was the best batsman in the world.

Heaping praise on the maestro for his knock at Centurion in South Africa yesterday, The Independent said Tendulkar's art of batting is beyond boundaries.

"It is hard to imagine that the art of batting can ever have reached the pinnacle Sachin Tendulkar took it to in a sumptuous display at Centurion.

"If there was any doubt that he is the best batsman in the world, it vanished once and for all as he persuaded Pakistan's bowlers to all points of the compass with strokes that were as breathtakingly and daringly conceived as they were perfectly executed and placed," it said today.

"Better matches and tighter finishes may lie ahead in the eighth World Cup but there will be no more alluring spectacle. Nor will there be a more scintillating innings than that played by the wondrous Sachin Tendulkar, unless he plays it himself," said a separate article in the newspaper, with a headline "Sachin sets the world alight".
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