Monday, March 10
A hen to guard a fox
Andy Ho, The Straits Times, March 9, 2003

Standing between the hawks in the US Administration and Iraq is the mild- mannered former Swedish diplomat, Dr Hans Blix.

He was the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency from 1981-1997, during which Iraq built up its nuclear programme without his knowledge.

Today, his critics say he is too passive to stand up to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, while his supporters say he is an astute politician working to avert war. Is he cautious or stalling for time? [...]

Born in the academic town of Uppsala, Dr Blix studied at the University of Uppsala, then did post-graduate work at Columbia University. In 1959, he received his doctorate from Cambridge University, after which he taught international law at Stockholm University.

Joining the Swedish foreign ministry at age 35, he rose to be its head until he left in 1976. Two years later, he became Sweden's foreign minister.

Ever the suave diplomat, he is known for his ready smile, self-deprecating wit and an invariably courteous demeanour. [...]
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