Monday, March 17
Is Bush A 'Dry Drunk'?
Harley Sorensen, SF Gate. com, March 17, 2003

Bush appears to me to have a bit of that attitude. In fact, Bush appears to have many of the characteristics of what Alcoholics Anonymous members call a dry drunk

A dry drunk, in simplest terms, is someone who doesn't drink but still retains many of the characteristics of a drinking alcoholic.

One can argue over what those characteristics are, but I like the list I found in a Counterpunch article about the possibility that Bush is a dry drunk:
exaggerated self-importance and pomposity,
grandiose behavior,
a rigid, judgmental outlook, impatience,
childish behavior, irresponsible behavior, irrational rationalization,
projection and overreaction.

Now, if you're a rabid conservative, the kind who called Bill Clinton a sex maniac and a rapist, you'll accuse me now of not showing proper respect for the office of the presidency.

OK, so I don't have much respect for offices, but that doesn't change the fact that George W. Bush seems to have every one of the characteristics attributed to dry drunks.

Last Friday, for a recent example, [...]
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