Monday, March 3
Pak probe on Al-Qaida leader to precede US investigation, March 3, 2003

(Islamabad): A day after the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, one of the senior most Al-Qaida operatives, it is reported that he has not been handed over to the United States.

Mohammed, 37, a naturalized Pakistani born in Kuwait, was caught in Rawalpindi in a joint US-Pakistan operation.

Pakistan Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayyat said that Pakistan would first complete its investigation and only then would Mohammed be handed over to the US.

The US Congress welcomed the capture of Mohammed, hailing it as one of the biggest coups by the US in the over year and a half long war on terror.

Khalid was arrested in a joint raid by the CIA and Pakistani agents. The arrest Pak authorities say is proof of their cooperation in the war on terror.

"As far as people of Pakistani origin are concerned they are not handed over to any other foreign country at all, that is the stated policy of Pakistan. They are tried in Pakistan and that has been evident also in the past," said Hayyat.
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