Sunday, March 23

Profile: Terry Lloyd
Lloyd: A fearless correspondent
BBC News, March 23, 2003

As an award-winning ITN correspondent Terry Lloyd, 50, was known to millions of viewers for his reports from war zones around the world. The son of a Swansea-born policeman, Mr Lloyd started his journalism career at Raymonds news agency in Derby.

He joined ITN, who supply news for ITV, in 1983 as a reporter from Central Television.

Over the next two decades, he worked on a range of big stories, from the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984 and the World Cup in Mexico in 1986 - and became the longest-serving ITV News correspondent.

But it was for a series of reports from the world's trouble spots that brought him the most acclaim.

Fifteen years ago, Mr Lloyd was the first TV reporter to get inside the small market town of Halabja in Iraq after Saddam Hussein had dropped a chemical bomb, killing 5,000 of his own Kurdish people.
[...] But it was for being the first reporter to get inside Kosovo - the first by a Western newsman while the region was still in Serb hands - that he won his greatest plaudits, and an award for ITV News.

With cameraman Mike Inglish, they retraced a secret escape route refugees were using to cross the border, scaling a snow-capped mountain range through neighbouring Montenegro. [...]
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