Sunday, March 23
TV war brings live action home
Torin Douglas ,BBC News, March 24, 2003

The last Gulf War, in television terms, was often described as the "video games war".
The enduring image was of glowing computer screens showing laser-guided 'smart' bombs clinically pinpointing targets hundreds of kilometres away, while masking the lack of pictures of real troops in action.

By contrast, in TV terms, this war more closely resembles an "Olympic Games War" - wall-to-wall coverage, correspondents and cameras in every conceivable location, running commentaries and punditry, and - most astonishing of all - live action and interviews with the combatants.

The war is brought live to a television near you
Neither term is meant to trivialise.

But both illuminate the remarkable changes in what people at home can witness of a war, [...]
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