Wednesday, March 19
We Have a Winner in Iraq. Corporate America.
by Arianna Huffington, Los Angeles Times, March 19, 2003

We finally have a winner in Iraq. Yes, I know that the first laser-guided smart bomb has yet to be dropped on Baghdad. But that's just a formality. The war has already been won. So who's the big winner? Corporate America, that's who.

The Bush administration is currently in the process of doling out more than $1.5 billion in government contracts to U.S. companies lining up to cash in on the rebuilding of postwar Iraq. So bombs away! The more destruction the better -- at least for the lucky few in the rebuilding business.

The U.N. has traditionally overseen the reconstruction of war zones like Afghanistan or Kosovo. But in keeping with its unilateral, the-world-is-our-sandbox approach to this invasion, the White House has decided to nail a "Made in the USA" sign on this Iraqi fixer-upper. Postwar Iraq will be rebuilt using red, white and blueprints.[...]

Arms And The Man: Who's Making A Killing On Killing In Iraq?
Major Barbara, March 15, 2003

The Devil's Disciple?

So who are these Chairmen of the Board of Boots & Coots IWC, past and present, who watched as their board of directors signed off on a short-term, million-dollar loan from a "shadowy group of Texas oilmen"? [...]
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