Sunday, March 23
Weekend of discontent as anti-war protests sweep United States
Yahoo News, Mar 23, 2003

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Veterans opposed to the war on Iraq (news - web sites) will stage a march to the Vietnam, Korea and World War II memorials in Washington as a weekend of protests continues across the United States.[...] In New York, some 70 people were arrested as demonstrators clashed with police at the end of a rally attended by at least 125,000 according to police, while organizers said the event drew twice as many, forming a human column some three kilometers (1.8 miles) long.

Several thousand demonstrators also gathered outside the White House in Washington, accompanied by a major security presence.

"They can say they're 'smart bombs,' but smart bombs aren't able to distinguish between military and human targets," Abigail Fletcher, a marcher from Florida, said outside the president's residence.

Feza Baydur of Turkey carried a sign reading: "CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC - Weapons of Mass Deception."

Rich McDonald told AFP he was visiting from New Hampshire, in the northeast, where: "I speak my mind, I get all kinds of hell for it." He added that his favorite slogan was: "Yee-haw is not a foreign policy." [....]
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