Thursday, March 13
When three blind mice don't see eye to eye
By Janadas Devan, The Straits Times, March 14, 2003

THE unprecedented crisis of legitimacy in the United Nations Security Council today is due to three men - French President Jacques Chirac, UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix and United States President George W. Bush.

'Three blind mice, three blind mice; see how they run, see how they run.'

The only person who benefits from the Security Council's paralysis is Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Whether or not the US succeeds in deposing him, he has successfully managed to deny Washington the mantle of legitimacy that only the UN can provide.

'They all ran after the farmer's wife; she cut off their tails with a carving knife.'

All three men are compounding the crisis by taking intransigent positions: Mr Bush by refusing to consider the possibility of inspections working; Mr Chirac by refusing to consider a reasonable timetable for Mr Saddam to disarm; and Mr Blix, by speaking with such supple confusion that all sides to the dispute, including Mr Saddam, find comfort in his statements.

'Did you ever see such a sight in your life, as three blind mice?

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