Tuesday, March 18
Winning the Web: Will India emerge victorious in the Cricket World Cup? Check out the online buzz
Bijoy AK,, March 18, 2003

As Zaheer Khan ripped through the New Zealand batting line-up in India's last Super Six match, I entered a Kolkota chatroom where a discussion on India's World Cup chances was going on.

Just to check the mood online, I typed this message in big bold red letters: "Sourav Ganguly is India's weak link." In the next five minutes my chat friends almost ripped me apart!

It was one of my worst online adventures. But also testimony to the strong sentiments about the World Cup that are alive and kicking on the Internet. Cricket crazy fans take active part in online discussion forums, message boards, blogs and chat rooms.

There is no doubt that the extensive Web coverage of this year's tournament has been aided by the latest technologies, as we also explored in an earlier feature. It has even outdone war cries and inflation and budget talk. The interactive nature of the online experience has kept fans engaged and entertained. Another form that is slowing gaining popularity is the Web log. [...]
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