Monday, April 14
Bush Doctrinaires: Analysts Point to Strong Signs America's War Machine Will Continue to Roll
Thank God for Helen Thomas.

She sits hunched over in the front row at White House press briefings and, as the slick boys and girls of the press corps respectfully clear their throats and try to catch Ari's eye, she goes in for the kill.

She's 82 years old, already. What does she have to fear from White House flaks and media spin-doctors?

And so, on Thursday, the legendary Ms. Thomas, formerly with UPI and now with Hearst, raised her head, squeezed one eye shut, took lethal aim and fired.

"Is the president contemplating any other regime changes in the Middle East," she asked Bush spokesperson Ari Fleischer. "I mean ... there seems to be something in the air that he may not stop with Iraq."


... For the moment, the United States is still not finished bringing democracy to Iraq.

Since the indomitable Helen Thomas began this piece with her question for the Bush administration, it seems fitting that she close it with another query on the war.

"How do you bomb people back to democracy?" she asked Fleischer in the opening days of the Pentagon's Shock and Awe campaign against the Iraqi regime.

That time, she got no answe
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