Wednesday, April 23
"Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential"
Authors: James C. Moore and Wayne Slater

The most powerful individual in the United States may not be George W. Bush.
It is probably Karl Rove, the President’s brilliant advisor.
Who is this man and how did he acquire so much power?
Having watched in awe for over fifteen years as they reported on the rise of Karl Rove, Moore and Slater expose the brutal and sometimes morally questionable, but invariably effective ways in which Karl Rove–and America’s political system–actually operate.

"Without Karl Rove, there would be no President George W. Bush. Rove is co-president of the United States." –From the Introduction

Behind every successful politician lies a group of fiercely loyal individuals who help make the dream of holding public office become a reality. In President George W. Bush’s case, one person has always stood above the rest. His name is Karl Rove. Dubbed "the man with the plan" by the President himself, White House Senior Advisor Karl Rove helped develop the political career of George W. Bush and continues to be a guiding force within the current Bush White House. But who is Karl Rove and how did he acquire such power and influence?

Bush’s Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential is the first in-depth examination of Rove’s remarkable political journey, ... [...]
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