Thursday, April 3
DEBKAfile’s Exclusive Middle East sources have tracked down top Iraqi leadership’s bolt-hole:

April 3, 2003: Baghdad pre-paid and chartered entire Hotel Cote d’Azur De Cham Resort at Syrian Mediterranean port of Latakiya near Assad family villa. Group may include Saddam Hussein or his sons, but this is not confirmed.

Top Iraqi officials hiding there since March 23, four days after coalition invaded Iraq, guarded by Syrian commando unit armed with anti-air missiles and Syrian naval missile boats securing port.

Has Saddam made a run for it?

Earlier, DEBKAfile’s exclusive intelligence sources reported indications that Saddam Hussein, his sons and top Iraqi leadership members no longer in Baghdad. Their fate, state of health and destination not clear. Some top Iraqi officials have been sighted in other Middle East and European capitals.

The disappearance of Saddam and his following would account for feeble resistance Iraqi Special Republican Guard divisions putting up to coalition advance on the capital since Monday.

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