Thursday, April 10
From Debkafile: April 11, 2003, 12:22 AM (GMT+02:00)

Anti-Saddam Iraqi Shiite leader Majid al-Khoei was assassinated in Shiite holy town of Najaf's Imam Ali Mosque Thursday. Returning to Iraq from exile under coalition protection, he was stabbed to death. Serious unrest sweeps Iraq's Shiite cities

Hundreds of Kurdish PUK and KUD militiamen pour into the north Iraqi oil town of Kirkuk with US special forces Thursday after Iraqi government troops withdraw south. US and Kurdish leaders post fresh guarantees in Ankara pledging Kurds will not annex either Kirkuk or Mosul to Kurdish autonomy and its fighters will leave oil regions when secured.

A suicide bomber injures 4 US Marines at Baghdad checkpoint.

DEBKAfile’s special sources reveal: CIA officers picked up Saddam Hussein’s family dentist with patients’ records after Wednesday midnight. A dental match would positively identify any remains found in crater left by Monday’s bombardment of suspected command bunker in Baghdad

Iraqi UN ambassador Al-Douri concedes his country has lost war: “The game is over.” Ambassador seeks asylum

White House Spokesman Fleischer stresses war is not over, US still in middle of military mission and no one has surrendered. [...]
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