Thursday, April 3
Iraq kicks out al-Jazeera from Baghdad
UPI, April 3, 2003

DOHA, Qatar -- The Arabic-language al-Jazeera Satellite Channel, criticized by the U.S.-led coalition for its coverage of the war in Iraq, has said it is suspending the activities of its correspondents in Iraq after that country's government asked its reporter to leave Baghdad.

The network said the Iraqi information ministry had asked al-Jazeera reporters Diyar al-Umari, who works in Baghdad, and Taysir Alluni to leave the country as soon as possible.

"The Iraqi Information Ministry gave no justification for its decision," the channel said. "As al-Jazeera Channel regrets this sudden and unjustified stand by the Iraqi Information Ministry, it announces that it has decided -- until further notice -- to suspend the work of all its correspondents in Iraq."

The network said, however, it will continue to broadcast live and recorded pictures coming from its offices in Baghdad, Basra, and Mosul.[...]
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