Sunday, April 20
Iraq, You Are Now Freeā€¦ And Here's What You Have to Do
by Gene Callahan,

United States Central Command in Qatar recently issued their roadmap for the future of Iraq. The document is very entertaining, and would almost make the whole war thing worthwhile, if it weren't for all those people who had to get in the way of our rockets and stuff.

Here are Central Command's "Thirteen Points," followed by "my exegesis:"

1. Iraq must be democratic.

Whether it wants to be or not!

2. The future government of Iraq should not be based on communal identity.

So, Abdul, you can vote, but don't try voting based on communal identity.

3. A future government should be organized as a democratic federal system, but on the basis of countrywide consultation.

Um, what?

4. The rule of law must be paramount.

And the legislature must be MGM.

5. That Iraq ... [...]
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