Wednesday, April 2
Moscovites strip naked for free mobile phones, Quirkies, April 2003

Some 20 young Russians stripped naked in a shop on a smart Moscow shopping street to win a free mobile phone in a promotion to mark the first day of spring.

The Euroset chain had posted a large sign outside its shop-window promising: "Anyone who comes naked between 9.50 am and 10.15 am will get a Motorola phone."

Hoardes of people descended on the store, located a stone's throw from the Kremlin, from seven in the morning Tuesday, hoping it was their lucky day.

"A crowd of curious onlookers and girls and young men hungry for freebies created chaos outside our shop, glued to the windows and trying to force their way through the closed doors," spokeswoman Tatyana Gulyaeva said. [...]

A naked Russian woman picks up her free mobile phone in Moscow. Euroset gave away free mobile phones to people who came to their shop totally naked.
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