Tuesday, April 8
Speculation mounts over Saddam's fate
Brian Whitaker, The Guardian, April 8, 2003

A warplane has destroyed a house in Baghdad that US officials say they believe was being used by Saddam Hussein and his sons

There is new speculation about the fate of Saddam Hussein today after the US destroyed a house in Baghdad in an attempt to assassinate him.
A single B-1 warplane dropped four 2,000lb bombs on the house, in the middle-class Mansour district of the city, yesterday afternoon but the purpose of the mission was not revealed by the Pentagon until 12 hours later.

One of the bunker-busting bombs left a crater 30ft deep and 50ft wide in the road. Witnesses said two houses were flattened and four other buildings badly damaged. Various reports put the number of Iraqi dead at between eight and 16.[...]
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