Friday, April 4
Unravelling the mysteries of war
Julian Borger in Washington, Richard Norton-Taylor and Stuart Millar, The Guardian, April 4, 2003

Where have the guards gone and will Saddam use chemical weapons?

The last few days have been a cause of great bemusement to military experts. Three divisions of the much-feared Republican Guard were said to be lined up south of Baghdad, itching for a fight; and yet when US forces arrived the Iraqi troops largely vanished in front of their eyes.
The war plan was alleged to have become bogged down; and yet in recent days the push north towards Baghdad has been quicker than anyone imagined.

Saddam's regime, it was claimed, was poised to launch chemical and/or biological weapons as soon as the forces crossed the "red line" around Baghdad. That line has been crossed but there is no sign of such weapons being deployed. Here Guardian writers explore some of the deepening mysteries. [...]
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