Wednesday, April 2
US-British Calculations on Iraq "Seriously Wrong": India
Agence France Presse, April 2, 2003

Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha said that the United States and Britain had made a mistake in attacking Iraq and urged the UN Security Council to take the initiative to end the war.

The US and British "calculations have gone seriously wrong," Sinha said Wednesday in an exclusive interview with AFP.

"It's not merely in terms of military resistance that the Iraqi army was likely to offer but also the mood of the people of Iraq.

"I don't know on what they had based their calculations but what one knows from experience now of 14 days that it was a serious miscalculation."

The military action did not have the sanction of the United Nations and most countries were opposed to it, he said. [...]

Members of the Committee Against War on Iraq, comprised of political activists, educators, artists and members of the public, demonstrate against the U.S.-led war in Iraq in New Delhi, India, Monday, March 31, 2003. (AP Photo/Gautam Singh)
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