Tuesday, April 22
US Technology Holds Key to Indian Bases
The Rediff Special/Josy Joseph in New Delhi
April 22, 2003

This article is the second of a six-part special series on Indo-US military relations. The first part dealt with the US attempts to gain access to Indian military bases and establish USAF airbases on Indian soil.

If the Americans were to enjoy access to Indian military bases, what will India expect in return?

Indo-US Military Relations: Expectations and Perceptions, a classified US defence department document in's possession, states that India would consider technology transfer as an 'important component' for a robust military relationship between the two countries. The 176-page document, which is being distributed to select policymakers under Distribution Statement F – one of the highest secrecy classification governing US documents – also highlights the lack of consensus between the different arms of the Indian government on long-term strategic forecasts.[...]
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