Wednesday, April 9
War Watch: Claims and counter claims made during the media war over Iraq
Annie Lawson, Lisa O'Carroll, Chris Tryhorn, Jason Deans, The Guardian, April 9, 2003

"Fog" is the watchword of this war, with the lines between fact and propaganda being blurred on a daily basis.
The demands of round-the-clock news means military claims are being relayed instantly to millions without being confirmed or verified only to be refuted later by reporters on the ground or by fresh military updates.

In due course, questions will be asked about the clashing interests of the military and the media and the role of war propaganda in the pursuit of a swift victory against Saddam Hussein's regime.

Umm Qasr was "taken" at least nine times before it was...taken.
An uprising in Basra evaporated without trace.
Chemical Ali may or may not have been found dead.
And most extraordinarily today, it transpires that the Saddam torture morgue seized upon by troops as evidence of the regime's horrors may in fact be completely erroneous. The Iraqis said they were victims of the Iran-Iraq war and it looks as if they may be telling the truth.

Here charts the contradictory claims and counter claims made so far.
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