Sunday, April 6
We see too much. We know too much. That's our best defence
6 John Pilger, The Independent, April 6. 2003

We now glimpse the forbidden truths of the invasion of Iraq.

A man cuddles the body of his in-fant daughter; her blood drenches them.
A woman in black pursues a tank, her arms outstretched; all seven in her family are dead.
An American Marine murders a woman because she happens to be standing next to a man in a uniform. "I'm sorry,'' he says, "but the chick got in the way.''

Covering this in a shroud of respectability has not been easy for George Bush and Tony Blair.

Millions now know too much; the crime is all too evident. Tam Dalyell, Father of the House of Commons, a Labour MP for 41 years, says the Prime Minister is a war criminal and should be sent to The Hague. He is serious, because the prima facie case against Blair and Bush is beyond doubt. [...]Since 11 September 2001, "our'' propaganda and its unspoken racism has required an imperial distortion of intellect and morality.

The Iraqis are not fighting like lions, in defence of their homeland. They are "cowardly'' and subhuman because they use hit-and-run tactics against a hugely powerful invader – as if they have any choice.

This belittling of their bravery and disregard of their humanity, like the disregard of thousands of Afghans recently bombed to death in dusty villages, confronts us with a moral issue as profound as the Western response to that greatest act of terrorism, the wilful atomic bombing of Japan. Have we progressed?

In 2003, is it still true that only "our'' lives are of value?

These Anglo-American invasions of weak and largely defenceless nations are meant to demonstrate the kind of world the US is planning to dominate by force, ... with its procession of worthy and unworthy victims and the establishment of American bases at the gateways of all the main sources of fossil fuels. [...]
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