Friday, April 4
What the papers say
Nick Taylor,The Guardian, April 4, 2003

As the pace of conflict in Iraq quickens, papers in the Gulf region are turning their attention to the post-war political landscape

Khaleej Times, UAE
Sixteen days on, the war in Iraq is coming to a climax. After a pause, the American and British troops are on Baghdad's doorstep. They have met only light resistance. Much of the Iraqi Republican Guard has either been put out of action by heavy bombardment and artillery fire or melted away, probably into the capital...

The noose around Baghdad tightens. Correspondents with the advancing US troops have reported burnt vehicles and dead Iraqi bodies on the way. All those bodies carried gas masks. That is ominous and could add a horrific dimension to the war. The coalition forces are still clearly hoping that they will not need to enter Baghdad and that the Iraqi regime will implode. Otherwise, they will have to fight their way, street by street, to capture the city. That can only lead to high casualties, not just of the combatants, but civilians as well.

Great damage will also be caused to religious shrines and historical monuments, hurting the sentiments of not just the Iraqi people, but of all Arabs and Muslims. War is not only about victory and surrender, but also about winning hearts and minds.
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