Saturday, June 7
Jayson Blair to Replace Ari Fleischer at White House
Don Monkerud, Common Dreams, June 6, 2003

The Bush Administration announced Monday that former New York Times reporter Jayson Blair will replace Ari Fleischer as White House Press Secretary.

Known as a cautious and calculating press secretary who constantly ducks tough questions, Fleischer announced in May that he would resign between the invasions of Iraq and Iran to give the White House time to replace him.

"It's a good time to leave," said Fleischer. "How would you like to explain 60,000 major businesses filing for bankruptcy under Bush, a nose-diving dollar, three million people out of work, a record budget deficit, $95,000 tax cuts for millionaires, and increasing pollution?"

White House sources report that Jayson Blair, former staff reporter for the New York Times, will be offered for the job. Blair, who is known for widespread fabrication and plagiarism in his news articles, is considered a shoe-in for the job, although some doubt that Blair, by forging inaccuracies in only 36 out of 73 new stories, can keep up with White House demands. [...]
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