Sunday, June 22
Nut could have killed us
Paul Thompson, The Sun, June 23, 2003

THE intruder at Prince William’s 21st party could have wiped out the Monarchy, Palace aides admitted last night.

Senior officials were horrified that crackpot comedian Aaron Barschak might have been a mad suicide bomber hellbent on carnage.

Virtually the entire Royal Family were put at risk by the breach of security at Windsor Castle.

Yesterday the Queen was said to be absolutely “livid” with police for allowing Barschak, who was dressed as terror chief Osama Bin Laden, to sneak into the party.

And Prince William told pals he was “furious” the gatecrashing incident had spoiled his big bash.

Barschak, a nutty stand-up comic desperate for publicity, conned his way into Windsor Castle at the height of the Saturday night party.

Security around the Royal Family is meant to be at its tightest as they are considered a prime terror target for al-Qa’ida fanatics.

Yet they woke up yesterday morning to the realisation they all could have been killed had the intruder been carrying a bomb.

A Royal source said: “This is being taken very, very seriously. If it had been a suicide bomber who got on stage he could have wiped out the Royals.

“It would have been the end of the Monarchy and we would have been picking up the pieces today. [...]
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