Thursday, July 24
CONTACT: Operation: Hidden Agenda

Book Soup in Hollywood, CA , now Selling Operation: Hidden Agenda Playing Cards

WASHINGTON - July 23 - Book Soup,"Bookseller to the great and infamous," in Hollywood,California, has become the latest store to carry the controversial Operation Hidden Agenda playing cards.
During the first week of sales of the cards, only Bookshop Santa Cruz and were carrying the cards.

“I was overwhelmed by the response to the cards, which aim to present an alternative point of view to the "Iraq's Most Wanted" playing cards,” says Kathy Eder, a social justice teacher in San Jose, Ca.

... When asked if the cards are a "hit" list like their "Iraqi Most Wanted" counterparts, Eder replies, "Operation: Hidden Agenda is not a hit list. I’m hoping that the cards will be used to gather people to discuss the ideas of journalists and words of our leaders that are presented in the various articles referenced on the cards. People want to know what is true. It's time to stop looking the other way. We must be willing to examine U. S. Policy and its repercussions in our global community."

"I decided to seek out the truth of what was happening in Iraq, and this deck is the result of what I have found. The cards are intended to raise questions that need to be asked. I have included many quotations that express the intentions of our leaders as well as the observations of journalists."

Operation: Hidden Agenda has 52 cards representing 52 individuals or institutions that need to be examined in order to understand the precursors to and after-effects of the current military action in Iraq. Additionally, there are 2 jokers with quotations from peacemakers who offer what Eder suggests what might be "Operation: True Agenda."

The cards contain images as well as quotations from articles that attempt to inform people about the possible hidden agendas of various US leaders, organizations, and corporations.
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