Tuesday, July 1
June 26, 2003

You Are What You Eat
How to Hate Almost Anybody

We live in a political climate that engenders and encourages fear and hatred of just about everybody. At any time, our elected representatives are setting up numerous diverse groups to become targets for general detestation. So many segments of the population are hated nowadays that it's getting hard to figure out who's who on the hate parade, so I am taking it upon myself to clarify this matter. Otherwise, we get people killing other people because they think they're somebody else, instead of killing them for being the unique people they really are.

There are three basic types of hate that can be applied to a people in general: race, religion, and orientation. This monograph is not intended to deal with personal hatred of an individual, that being a different kind of hate. If someone ravished your aunt Francis, or as occasionally happens your uncle Nigel, you may well hate the perpetrator (obviously this presupposes you have a healthy relationship with your aunt) for a specific and demonstrable reason. Saying "I hate that man, he raped my aunt" at the Gleberman's holiday party is a perfectly reasonable expression of hate, as these things go, although what she was doing in that part of town is anybody's guess. The kind of hate we're dealing with here is the abstract hate of a large group of 'persons unknown' because they are who they are, as far as you know. [...]
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