Friday, July 4
These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed
Reuters, July 4, 2003--Search for WMD Finds 'Bomb' on Internet

LONDON - A Web site lampooning the United States' inability to locate weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has become one of the biggest hits on the Internet.

The site, which is designed to look like a genuine error message -- replete with "bomb" icon -- is the top result when "weapons of mass destruction" is entered into one of the Web's top search engines,

And despite being five months old -- a real veteran by Internet standards, the site is more popular than ever and is attracting over a million hits a week.

Linking to the page from Google yields the message "These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed," and suggests that the country might be experiencing technical difficulties.

Because it looks like an authentic error message, many Internet users were under the impression Google had been hacked.

But despite its alarming appearance, the page is a harmless, regular Web Site, authored by one Anthony Cox, a 34-year-old pharmacist from Birmingham, England. [...]
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