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Sex abuse case will be told about secret rooms
Michael McKenna, The Sunday Times, November 23, 2003

CANCER survivor Gavin Arvizo told the world in February that he shared Michael Jackson's bed and called him "Daddy" after being befriended by the superstar in hospital.

But now the 12-year-old boy, in remission from a kidney tumour, has become Jackson's accuser in a sex-abuse case that could send the entertainer to jail for years.

A day after Jackson surrendered to California police, US newspapers identified Gavin as the boy alleging he was plied with alcohol and sleeping pills before being molested by Jackson. [...more]

It also emerged yesterday that police who raided the 1092ha estate on Wednesday also targeted several hidden rooms said to be located off Jackson's bedroom.

A documentary made in 1994 but never aired includes interviews with alleged abuse victims who spoke of a small anteroom that could be accessed through a closet.

The room, according to the documentary that is now with police, is reported to have contained shelves of videotapes and a picture shrine to former child star Macaulay Culkin.

Jackson has previously admitted to having slept in the same bed as Culkin, who has denied he was ever abused, and his younger brother Kieran.

It was reported also that a narrow staircase led from the anteroom to a windowless children's bedroom with "Peter Pan" sheets on the bed.

Police took a locksmith on the raid, which lasted 13 hours, and swooped on the offices of a video company in Los Angeles that worked for Jackson for years. [...more]

Gavin, who grew up in poverty, told Bashir he and his brother had slept in the same bed with Jackson.

But Jackson said Gavin, who he described as "beautiful", had slept in his bed once – while he slept on the floor.

And he remained unrepentant when Bashir asked about the appropriateness of the behaviour.

"Why can't you share your bed?" Jackson asked. "Whenever kids come here (to Neverland), they always want to stay with me.

"The most loving thing to do is share your bed with someone."

Gavin's mother Janet Arvizo, 34, who is divorced from his father David, said she regularly dropped her son off alone for overnight stays at the ranch.

She said she was unconcerned despite the allegations of child abuse against Jackson.

"Michael is the father Gavin never had. He is a saint to all my children," she said at the time.

"They all stay over with Michael. And they are hoping to spend a lot more time with him in the future."

After the documentary was aired, the boy became a target of taunts from classmates that led to his mother sending him to a therapist.

He is believed to have told the therapist of the alleged abuse and the therapist then, in line with Californian medical regulations for suspected child abuse, told police.

The Arvizo family could not be contacted yesterday. [...more]


Accusing Jackson of sex abuse ruined the life of Jordy Chandler
By Andrew Gumbel, The Independent, November 23, 2003

Michael Jackson may be howling about the indignities of being accused of child sexual abuse, but being one of his accusers is no picnic either.

Jordy Chandler made headlines around the world a decade ago when, at the age of 13, he testified in court documents that Mr Jackson had engaged in "sexual offensive contacts". Although Jordy subsequently became the chief beneficiary of a legal settlement worth anywhere from $15m (£8.8m) to $40m, it appears that the money has not resolved the psychological troubles triggered by his family's decision to take legal action against the most visible pop icon on the planet.

Quite apart from the alleged damage done to him by Mr Jackson - something that was never subjected to the scrutiny of a full criminal trial because Jordy agreed not to repeat his testimony in open court following the financial settlement - he has seen his family tear itself apart.

Information on his subsequent life is sketchy, and mostly based on reports in the US tabloid press, but all indications are that he is a lonely, introverted young man, now 23, with a lot of money to his name but little else. [...more]


MY JACKO SEX HELL BY BOY, 13, November 2003

A BRITISH businessman has spoken full for the first time of his phone sex hell at the hands of Michael Jackson when he was just 13.

Terry George, who believes he was the first-ever child victim of the arrested superstar, told how Jacko...

COAXED him into explicit sex talk during long transatlantic phone calls.

FONDLED himself as he chatted to little Terry.

SORDIDLY discussed details of how he satisfied himself.

URGED the shocked schoolboy to join in.

Terry, now 38, told The People: "I believe I was the first child Jackson used and his only British victim.

"His arrest last week has brought back a lot of bad memories. I should have hung up at the time but he was a superstar and I was a star-struck schoolboy."

Terry's shocking claims - backed up by official documents handed to Scotland Yard and Los Angeles police and seen by The People - reveal Jackson was a threat to child fans nearly 25 YEARS ago.

The singer was a fresh-faced 20-year-old on a UK tour when he befriended Terry.

The young fan from Leeds used to travel round Britain with a tape recorder seeking out stars like Sir Paul McCartney, Omar Sharif, Cilla Black and Boy George for interviews.

In February 1979 he sneaked up to Jackson's room at the Dragonara Hotel in Leeds before a performance.

He knocked on the door and was thrilled when the singer answered and agreed to a 30-minute interview. When he left they exchanged phone numbers.

A few days later Jackson - then living in the US at home with rest of the Jackson family - called Terry and began a long-distance friendship.

But it took a sickening turn when Jackson made a sleazy call to the teenager. Terry said: "He just came straight out with his questions - asking me about sex acts. [...more]

Terry George: BIOGRAPHY

Terry George is a self-made millionaire businessman, with an ever-growing sphere of influence.

He owns several companies but when not working he enjoys spending his spare time taking photographs of crazy clubbers and as you might expect, travelling the world. Terry grew up on the infamous and tough Wyther Park estate in Leeds but even as a schoolboy his ambitious nature was clearly visible. At the age of 12 Terry, never the shrinking violet started interviewing famous people as a hobby. Many of his interviews were not only personal scoops for the star-struck lad but chats thought to be important enough to be broadcast by local radio stations. Amongst those caught on tape by Terry were a selection of ‘superstars’ as diverse as Michael Jackson (with whom he became friends), Omar Sharif, Paul McCartney, Boy George, Les Dawson and over two hundred other big names from show biz.

At the age of 17, Terry got his first professional job as a DJ at the Gemini Bar Leeds, then went on to play regular slots at other venues in the city; Scrumpies, Top Cats, and Staging Post. But the bright lights beckoned - well at least an offer he couldn’t refuse arrived and before long he had packed his espadrills and suntan lotion to work as an entertainer and DJ in Spain for two seasons - 1985 and 1986.

After returning to the UK, Terry was offered a full time job as resident DJ with Rank Leisure at Leeds new £3million nightclub Ritzy, working with General Manager Peter Smith. Terry was offered his own once-a-month gay night called Confettis, which turned out to be a huge success and ran for eight years with big names like Take That, M People, D:Ream and Boy George making special appearances.

This was the beginning of Terry’s embryonic empire, and soon every thing began to fall into place. To promote Confettis a magazine was launched - All Points North, which was aimed at the sadly neglected Northern club and gay scene. [...more]
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