Monday, December 15
Bush: 'Good Riddance' to Hussein
Washington, Interview, December 15, 2003

Following is a transcript of President Bush's year-end news conference, including his remarks on the capture of Saddam Hussein:

BUSH: Please be seated. Thank you for coming to this, the last press conference of the year 2003.

Before I begin, I do want to talk a little bit about a meeting I just attended. Rend Al-Rahim is here. She is the representative from the Iraqi government -- the interim government, to the United States, as well as Dr. Khodair Abbas, who is the interim minister of health.

We just had an interesting discussion in the Roosevelt Room about the health needs of Iraq, about the future of the health care system in Iraq.

And we were joined by doctors -- Iraqi doctors who are anxious to work with their fellow counterparts here in America to enhance educational opportunities and to get caught up on the latest technologies in health care.

The thing that struck me about the meeting was the joy that they expressed about being free. It was a touching meeting.
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