Monday, August 9
Dirty politics
John Sutherland, The Guardian, August 9, 2004

The US election is, as they promised, getting very dirty. Karl Rove (Bush's Svengali) is said to have predicted, "By November, they won't even know whose side he fought on." "He", of course, is John Kerry - the would-be next president of America whose Svengalis (less gifted in the black arts than Rove) chose to package him as Lieutenant John, intrepid Swift Boat skipper, acknowledging the ovation of the delegates with a military salute and a crisp "reporting for duty".
Shortly afterwards, the other side hoisted (yet again) the national-security level to orange and releasing their propaganda torpedo. The Democrats can count on the sell-out movie (Fahrenheit 9/11); the Republicans, a book (Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry) that is already No 1 on Amazon's bestseller list a week before publication. [...more]

... It's Godzilla versus King Kong fighting it out in the cesspit of US politics. If you believe Michael Moore's film, Bush was in cahoots with the Bin Laden clan. If you believe the Swiftvets' book, the man who wants to replace Bush is a poltroon - incapable of commanding a small plastic boat, let alone the most powerful nation on the planet as it faces the greatest crisis in its history. As usual in politics everywhere, it will come down to who is telling the truest lies.
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