Thursday, October 28
or else we are bollixed. I am not kidding

Riverbendblog: American Elections 2004

''Sure, you can vote for this man or that one, but in the end, there’s something bigger, more intricate and quite sinister behind the decisions. Like in that board game Monopoly, you can choose the game pieces- the little shoe, the car, the top hat… but you can’t choose the way the game is played. The faces change but the intentions and the policy remain the same.''

The case against Kerry: He's just another Democrat robot.

The idea that John Kerry is a better option than Bush is largely based on wishful thinking. Throughout the debates, he has derided Bush for being too soft (!) in the war in Iraq, as well as in the War on ''Terror''. I take him at his word. He will have to prove himself to be a far tougher Commander in Chief than Bush if he's to have any chance of surviving politically. The prisoners in Abu Ghraib had better bend over and grab their ankles if JFK wins.Kerry will turn what's left of Fallujah into paste. Civilians, Shmivilians. He promised as much in the debates. He claims that he'd have voted for the Iraq war a year ago, even knowing that they had no WMD. This puts him TO THE RIGHT OF BUSH!

Kerry fell all over himself to praise Israel, a country whose army has a predilection for the cold blooded murder of Palestinian children. Handsome Mr. Edwards is a fellow Likudnik. Kerry spoke about his policies being "good for Israel" in the debates. Win-Win for the war criminal Sharon, it seems. There will be no peace in the region as long as the Israel/Palestine struggle is unresolved.Kerry will almost certainly handle the war in Iraq with more competence than Bush, thereby prolonging it, rather than shortening it. Worse, if the war goes badly (and it probably will), the Republicans will skewer the Democrats, blaming them for the shitstorm that they created. Charming.

I won't argue that Kerry would be better on domestic policy (healthcare, education, pollution, etc.) than Bush. But so what? It's the wider consequences to the rest of the world that matter in 2004, not whether a few million more Americans can get health insurance, or a less-worse education for their obnoxious brats.

If you're scared of America becoming an Empire under Bush,

I have news for you: it's been turning into an Empire under Democrats and Republicans for several decades. Remember Vietnam? Remember Salvador Allende's assassination? Remember the odious South American Juntas propped up by the CIA for the best part of the 20th century? Remember Saint Carter's support for the Afghan Mujahedeen? Nice job Jimmy. Teaching Osama how to destroy a superpower really worked out well, eh?

If you want the Empire to be destroyed, it can be done far more quickly from within:
If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well
It were done quickly
--Macbeth, by Edward De Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford

We need an incompetent Hitler-wannabee in charge, preferably surrounded by a
cadre of religious nutjobs. Bush/Caligula and his goons are the men for the job.

Which leads me onto

The case for Bush: Give 'em enough rope!

Bush has one great virtue: sane people hate him. He's like a reverse litmus test for decency - if you despise him, you're OK. He has taken what could easily have been a Second Rome (The former American Republic) and almost run it into the ground. Four more years of Bush and the pseudo-Empire will fall apart under the weight of its own budget deficit.There are so many good things to look forward to under a second Bush administration:

--A re-instituted draft will radicalise a generation of young Americans in a way not seen since the sixties. The Canada escape route has been closed, but Mexico is willing and able to take talented young Americans into her swarthy bosom, as is Europe. America's loss, their gain. Another draft-dodging option is to be openly gay. This will further homosexualise American youth, undermining Christian values enormously.

--Crackpot Supreme court judges will ban abortion, turning women against the Republicans in droves. Wire-hanger companies will make millions of dollars. I've already bought thousands of shares. I advise you to do the same. My new book "Backstreet Abortions for Dummies" will be released sometime in 2005, Christ willing.

--Greenhouse warming will continue thanks to Bush's rejection of the Kyoto treaty. Rising sea levels will destroy the State of Florida. Serves 'em right for voting for Bush and his twisted brother Jeb. If the sea rises high enough it might drown the mid-west, thereby taking many red States off the map. (Laugh as the ''conservative'' red-staters plea for federal assistance!)

--A huge number of the working classes in America vote for Bush, even though his policies hurt them the most. "Gee Maw, we shur did have fun spendin' that $300 tax cut the preznit giv us! Whoo-EE!" Under Bush, they'll be worked to death in a minimum wage McJob with no health care. Good. Serves the stupid fuckers right for voting for the guy. This is Darwinian natural selection in progress my friends. Kill 'em off quick, Bush style!

--There is a real possibility that Bush is suffering from a degenerative mental illness. The decline in his speaking skills over the last 4 years is remarkable. I personally believe that he wasn't wearing a radio transmitter on his back in the first debate. It's more likely that it was a medical device, feeding him brain juice, or whatever it is that keeps him breathing. Imagine the hilarity of watching him decay into a shuddering Lovecraftian shell of a human being over the next 4 long, stressful years! Delicious. ''Those whom the Gods wish to destroy They first make mad.''

So now you see. It's not a pretty choice, is it? Even the American Conservative is justifiably scared of a Bush victory!

Bush has behaved like a caricature of what a right-wing president is supposed to be, and his continuation in office will discredit any sort of conservatism--for generations.

For generations. All we have to do is suffer 4 more years of Bush and his loons, and they'll finish the American right for ever! Ralph Nader knows this. He can't say it, but it's why he's running. He needs to keep Bush in, in order to destroy conservatism/imperialism from the inside. The Republicans are too full of themselves to see this. Nader is laughing at them.

IMAD KHADDURI, a former Iraqi nuclear scientist who hates Bush - wants him to win - so that Dubya can lead the American Empire to ruination. Isn't life strange?

To me, the whole truth about Iraq is so horrible that it would even sink Kerry instantaneously. Because he is a 'me-too' candidate. The best hope for the rest of the world, apparently, I have come to believe, is that Bush should win and sink the whole empire into complete isolation and hopefully into its perdition.

George Bush and his legions of stormtroopers have created an unholy mess. Don't give them a dignified exit by voting them out of office. Let them sit on the big stinking pile for the next 4 years. It's no more than they deserve. Kicking them out is letting them off the hook.I know that some of you want to vote for Nader. Tempting as this is, it is a wasted vote. By voting for Ralph, you run the risk of allowing Kerry into the Whitehouse! I'm begging you people, vote with your brain, NOT YOUR CONSCIENCE!

* * * VOTE BUSH ! * * *

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