Wednesday, October 13
The results are in, Kerry wins!
by kos, The Daily Kos, Oct 14th, 2004

And it's not just me saying it:

CBS News Poll
Kerry 39
Bush 25

CNN Focus Group (24 on the panel)
Kerry 10
Bush 7
Undecided 7

ABC News
Kerry 42
Bush 41

38% GOP
30% Dem
28% Independent


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Comment from TheDailyKos

Three-Peat :

Even when Candy Crowley talks about a "wonkfest" she still talks about Kerry's human side,
--when he mentioned his Mother, when he talked about marrying "up" and then had a laugh about it.

I'm still waiting for someone to talk about Big John busting drug lords with AK-47's
-- that was a great moment and one which I think got into the minds and hearts of those who were listening -- even moderate Republicans.
This debate will be the launching point for the final two and a half weeks. I think polls will move our way.

[Canada - where a pack of smokes is ten bucks but a heart transplant is free.]
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