Sunday, October 31
BEHIND THE NEWS: How you can drag and click Americans into ousting Bush

As an American, Brett Rierson would love to see regime change - in Washington .

"How do you enact regime change at home for the Americans? Vote by vote," said the Hong Kong-based Democrat, who turned 38 earlier this week. "The best birthday present people could give me is to go register and vote Democrat."

To help Americans worldwide do just that, Mr Rierson - who is the vice-chair for voter assistance at Democrats Abroad Hong Kong - has been instrumental in setting up a website, not directed at Americans, but at their friends and neighbours of other nationalities, to persuade US citizens to vote.

"This is about enabling non-Americans to have a voice in Washington by enabling Americans to vote," he said. "There seems to be such a groundswell internationally against the American administration and against overseas Americans that this was giving voice to that protest."

Inspired by his Belgian wife, Rosa, who felt frustrated at not being able to choose arguably the most powerful man in the world, whose policies go way beyond the US, Mr Rierson and Democrat co-workers Ethan Schoonover and Mark Greene started the website www. last month.

It provides profiles of Democratic Senator John Kerry and US President George W. Bush, plus details on how to register, links to other sites for more political information, and in-depth detail on election issues. Although Mr Rierson does not hide the fact on his website that he would like people to vote Democrat - little hints such as "Wake up America - vote Democrat in 2004!" and "Help defeat Bush in 2004!" tend to give it away - he is also keen to ensure that Americans register, whatever their political leanings. ... [...more]

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