Tuesday, October 4
Skimpy Underwear, Ample Commentary At Tysons Corner
Shoppers Appalled, Transfixed By Racy Store Display at Mall

By Timothy Dwyer, Washington Post, October 5, 2005

Tongues were wagging. E-mails were flying around PTA message groups and church listservs. People who heard about it came by to take a look for themselves. The issue was tiny underwear -- women's fine lingerie, to be exact-- and how it should be displayed on lifelike mannequins in the newest wing of one of America's biggest malls.

'Little Shop of Whores,' huffed one woman standing outside the new Victoria's Secret in Tysons Corner Center. 'Slut wear,' declared the father of a teenage girl, looking at a feathery-thong-clad mannequin bent over as if she were adjusting her spike heels.

The display at the Victoria's Secret store, which just opened in the expanded wing of Tysons Corner Center, draws lots of attention from passersby.

'I love it,' said another woman with a bag of fresh purchases.
The store was doing a brisk business yesterday as shoppers walked by, some nearly snapping their necks as they caught a glimpse of what the mannequins were wearing and their suggestive poses.

'Well,' said Steina Rubin of Bethesda, 'I find it just totally disgusting.' And, no, she would not be shopping there. 'I'm not entering a whorehouse,' she said. 'I come to the mall with my daughter. It's disgusting. And I'm from Europe !"

Last week, a 362,000-square-foot expansion opened at Tysons Corner with 24 stores, five restaurants and a 16-screen movie theater. The new wing is jammed with stores targeted at teenage customers, and among them, between Free People and Guess jeans, is the new Victoria's Secret. Yesterday, it was parents of teenagers who were flocking to the mall.

"I'm anxious to see for myself what the buzz is all about," John Zolldan wrote in an e-mail to the mall management, "and if it is really true that Victoria no longer has any secrets . . . maybe your intent is to provide consumers in Northern Virginia with our first erotic boutique."
I was surprised by the outrage over the Victoria's Secret window display in Tysons Corner (Skimpy Underwear, Ample Commentary at Tysons Corner). I guess these are some of the same people who objected to the two-minute, annatomically incorrect, puppet sex scene in the movie Team America.

Come on people -- they are mannequins!

By the way, Victoria's Secret is an adult-oriented store so I wouldn't recommend anyone sending their 13-year old daughters into it, regardless of the window display.
This reminds me of when former Attorney General John Ashcroft had to cover up bare-breasted statues in the Justice Department building. Statues ... sculptures... art... for goodness sake.

The sad thing is that Americans are so uptight about sex that even mannequins can get them hot and bothered. Gimme a break.
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